My photographic hero

Tonight I watched the movie Visual Acoustics, which documents the career of Julius Shulman. Shulman was an architectural photographer, most recognized for his iconic images of modern LA architecture.
I’d been wanting to see this movie for some time. Actually, I’d had my eye on it ever since I heard about Shulman’s death in 2009. I never leave such an impression on me though!
Not only that, but I know exactly what it was that showed me he was my new photographic hero. Shulman studied architecture, but then spent some time finding his niche in the photographic world. I can definitely relate! Also, Shulman is shown saying that “the camera is the least important part of taking a picture.” This is something I’ve told my friends repeatedly, and I loved having it confirmed by someone so well-respected and established. We had bonded! 🙂

I don’t make it a point to search out many movies for purchase, but I will definitely be adding this one to my collection.
The architect in me was revived, and the photographer in me was inspired. Thanks, Julius.



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