buh-bye July?

With just about one week left in July, it’s time to bust out the calendars and get psyched for what’s ahead. July’s been full of work and family, and August looks like it’ll be more about work and friends!

On the friends front, I’m looking forward to a camping trip to Idyllwild. I’ve never been, so it’ll be great to explore a new area (and I’m sure I’ll have loads of pictures to show for it afterwards!). I also think the local bars are missing me lately, so I’ll make it a point to stop by for a beer or two 😉

On the work front, I’ll be prepping for the LeucadiArt Walk on the 28th. It’s a one day event, but those that have done art fairs before will agree, it’s a LOT of work! I’m hoping to meet lots of new folks, and lots of future clients 🙂  So far, I’ve gotten my calendars done (yay!!), and next up is placing the large order for new prints and then ordering my postcards to show off the fancy-schmancy portrait work I’ve done. Can’t wait to have those postcards in my hand!

I’d love to sneak in some photo day trips during August too. I miss taking my one-woman day trips with camera in hand and shooting everything that crosses my path! I think it’s time to reconnect with my camera. While I’m at it, I’ll be practicing a little more with my new flash. I bought it used, so no manual, and the manual I found online is not exactly thorough. So let the experimenting begin! I already did one shoot with it, and you can see the sneak peek here. I didn’t feel like I really had control of it though, so I’m looking forward to trying things out and sharing some fun results with you all!

Let’s see… what else? Oh! The most important part! I’ll be scheduling in time to recharge my brain and creativity. I’ve been feeling creatively drained lately, and there seems to be a lot going on at once while I spin in circles. Not a great feeling! As if sent by an angel, I read a very appropriate post this morning from one of my regular online inspirations, Tara Gentile. She writes about the importance of recharging yourself with rest and just plain fun. It made me think that I really should make it a point to take a little time to slow down every once in a while. If I get worn out, everything I do suffers. And nobody wants that!  😉


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