Out in the wild in Idyllwild

A couple of weeks ago, I drove 2 hours to get to a dirt road that went up steeply and hugged the curves of a mountain to then arrive at another dirt road that led to a parking lot that sat on the edge of a large campsite full of friends šŸ™‚

Surprisingly, my car survived without too much trouble (although my nerves were shot! ha!). I arrived in time to watch a card game while having a few drinks. The evening soon led to more friends arriving, a huge feast cooked for a late dinner, and some laughs around the campfire before calling it a night. The next day started with a slow breakfast, some hiking, then lazy time in one of the hammocks, and ended with a mean game of Trivial Pursuit before heading back down the mountain.

It was a long drive home, but well worth it for a night in nature with friends! Check out the photos below to get just a taste of what a great time we had!



Know anyone in the Southern California area that’s interested in getting photos taken? Please send them my way! Sessions available for portraits, headshots, commercial or fine art commissions. Contact me HERE.

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