Puttin’ the Top Down

Another long overdue post, but it’s finally here!

Earlier this month, I went to San Francisco for a good friend’s wedding. I decided to take advantage and get to know the coast while I was at it. I rented a car for the ride up, and got a plane ticket for the flight back.

As luck would have it, they gave us a free upgrade to a convertible! What better trip to have a convertible for than a drive up the California coast?! Needless to say, that top was down as much as possible.

So here you go. Highlights of my northern adventure, from beginning to end.




somewhere between Santa Barbara and Monterey

the adorable town of Solvang

we stumbled upon a windsurfing gathering during sunset

a couple by the Bay

a photo of a painter at work

not a bad little spot for a rest, right?

this is the first ever two-floor carousel I've seen

good wine, imported meats, and baguette slices in Napa

breathtaking views of Napa were all around

I almost fell off the mountain from the wind, but I got the picture!!

the fog was there all day 🙂

Toronado, in Haight-Ashbury area

a couple enjoys the beautiful weather in the park

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