Charity Sale Kick-Off!

Announcement time!

My 10-yr-old niece and 4-yr-old nephew both love taking pictures! And now that Full Circle Images is growing, they are super excited to go out on photo adventures with me and get involved 🙂

We thought it’d be great to do a charity sale to celebrate their mad photo skills!!

Go to my Etsy shop and look on the left side for the section called “Charity Sale”.  The items will also say “CHARITY SALE” in the title. We’ll donate 100% of the profit to a charity of their choice! We’re hoping this will be an ongoing project, so we’ll start off with one charity and then rotate every six months or so.

The first charity will actually be one of our local missions. All profits from these prints will go to fund the growth of the Spanish library at the Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, in Oceanside, CA.  They have a small library right now, but they barely have any Spanish materials. In an area where Spanish is widely spoken, this is obviously a problem. We’re hoping to help them get funds to buy some more books for their shelves!

To help get things going, I’m offering a 20% discount for the whole month of October! Use the code ‘CHARITY1011’ at checkout to get the discount. It can be used for any item in my shop, but please keep in mind the charity items when shopping.

Happy shopping!




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