My failed attempt at finding fall weather

It’s mid-October and San Diego’s weather has been not quite fall-like lately. It was driving me nuts. So in a desperate attempt to get a taste of fall weather, I took a day trip to Julian early Saturday morning.

It was sunny and in the 70’s.

Still, Julian is always a fun day trip! Beautiful scenery, quaint small town, and yummy food… can’t go wrong!



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3 thoughts on “My failed attempt at finding fall weather

  1. That’s so funny and timely for me–bc just last week I was longing to see fall colors, and searched for fall foliage in Southern CA and Julian was mentioned. I made a note of that for a possible visit, but figured that it’s sort of too long of a drive from the LA area. Happy fall and hope you find some local foliage soon.

    • wow, that IS good timing! Well, I love Julian, so I do recommend it still. Buuuut, if you’re looking to feel all wintery, you’ll definitely want to wait a while longer.
      I’ll be visiting a dear friend in Ohio this weekend, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for foliage there!
      Hope you find your fall colors soon, too!

      • Cool, there should be some color. I look forward to seeing some of those photos! (You’re right, I’m definitely not driving off anywhere for two yellow leaves… guess that’s the tradeoff of living where the weather is beautiful year round) Have a fun time in Ohio!

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