Beware the ides of… November?

‘Tis the ides of November… aka, it’s the 15th. My email newsletter went out this morning, a week behind schedule (hey, I’m an arteeeest! Timely scheduling is a challenge for me sometimes…). I’m hopeful that within the next couple of months I’ll have some sort of routine down for these,but who knows!

So I sent out my newsletter, all excited because of the juicy info and links on it. I always send myself a copy to see how the finished product looks, and so while I was reviewing my masterpiece, I noticed a typo. I’m no perfectionist by any means (in fact, I prefer imperfections in most things), but I felt a twinge of “doh!” when I read “FYI” instead of “DIY”.




So here it is. My flawed, late, yet still awesome newsletter.

The Calm Before the Storm (November newsletter)


And if you’re not signed up yet, what are you waiting for?! Click HERE to quickly sign up and get this juiciness delivered to your inbox every month. Give or take a few days 😉




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