My afternoon at December Nights

Are you feeling Christmasy yet?! I hope so, because it’s now officially Christmas time in San Diego!

I spent several hours in good company yesterday, exploring the December Nights event at Balboa Park. It was awesome! My only regret is that I bought something to eat before getting to the international cottages’ food stations, so then I was left drooling over the food that I was too full to be able to eat! Other than that, it was a great day out. We decided to go early after a parking debacle 2 years ago taught us that timing is everything. So our outing started around 3:30 and we left the park around 7:30. The timing was perfect – we beat the super heavy traffic, but were there to see the lights go on and sparkle throughout the entire park!

I don’t think photos can really tell the story of everything that is at this event, but here are some highlights I was able to capture for you 🙂


I think this is the Museum of Man... Just as you cross the bridge into the park. Gorgeous!

Christmas tree in front of the Old Globe Theater... Dr. Seuss style!

We were lucky enough to get a close-up peek at the bagpipers practicing and tuning up.

Makes me dizzy just looking at it.

My favorite shot of the night - the Gravitron!

Prizes galore!

Even though it was pretty chilly out, the skies were completely clear and gorgeous.

Smurf mania!

A choir performance in front of the Christmas Tree in the Organ Pavilion. Loved the colors!

Go, Rudolph!

One of the many many lights throughout the artists' village area near the zoo.

Someone in the audience suggested he play blindfolded. Aside from a couple of missed notes, he did a really good job!

I was suprised that the Botancal Bldg. wasn't more illuminated, but these light shapes did look very cool.

This plaza was pretty empty when we arrived... jam packed when we left!

Lest you forget you're in San Diego, there was a mariachi band performing over the archway that leads into the main plaza of the park. It was pretty awesome 🙂

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