Give a Little Love… (Part III)

Are you ready for the final post about a weekend of giving?? You saw some photos from my time with the Help-Portrait group… you saw photos from my field trip with the IRC Micro-Finance Group Tour to two client restaurants… now it’s time to see some follow-up work I did the next day!

While at the City Heights Farmer’s Market, I met a woman named Mary. She’s been in the States for about 10 years and has been working with IRC to grow her business. She brings items from Kenya, all done by orphans and beautifully crafted. The first thing you’ll notice about Mary is her smile – her face just lights up when she smiles!

When she saw that I’m a photographer, she said she would have set up her display nicer for the photos. She then asked me if I would come back to get some more photos for her, and she would set everything up nicely for me. It just so happened she was working at another farmer’s market the next morning, so I made plans to meet her there!

After about two hours of hanging out at her shop and snapping away, I left with a couple of gift items and a new friend 🙂

Below is a sample of the shots I got for Mary that day. Please take a few minutes to check out her shop online (Tropical Heritage), and do go see her at the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market every other Sunday.



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