Creative Spotlight #003 – DFAB Studios

For March’s Creative Spotlight, we’ll be talking to Bryan P. DiFabio of DFAB Studios. Bryan’s not only been a good friend for some time now, but also an inspirational entrepreneur. He’s following his dreams and loving it! I talked with Bryan about his past, present and future, so let’s get right to it! Then, check out the images of some behind-the-scenes of a recording session, the awesome studio setups, and Bryan spinning away at a club.


can you introduce yourself and give us an idea of your background? 

I am originally from a small town in New Hampshire, but have been residing in San Diego for the past seven years. I am proud to have been raised in New England, but love it out here on the west coast. It feels like home now. Outside of music, I am a pretty big sports fan. I keep up with all my teams from the Boston area, but have come to really enjoy the clubs and their fans out here as well. Besides that, most of what I do for fun is related to music in some way. I love going out to shows, digging through crates, and discovering/meeting new bands and artists.

you’re not only a producer, but you spin your own music too. can we expect to keep seeing new music from you in the future? And maybe more public appearances?

Yes. I have a huge solo release in the works. Though, I must admit, my studio work has kept me busy to the point where I don’t have much free time. I can’t say for sure when it will be completed, but when it is; it will undoubtedly be my best work to date. It will be a 30 track double disk of Drum N Bass and Dubstep. I will say I hope to have it done by winter of this year. Before that, I will most likely release some of the singles I am stoked on. In terms of public appearances, I sure hope so! Again, my limited time makes it tough for me to pursue this as much as I would like, but at some point I will be back out there.

you currently have two studios with loads of great equipment and space to offer. can you tell us about all the different types of services you offer for clients?

Sure. The main difference in the two studios is space. Studio A (in El Cajon) has a huge live room. This allows me to accommodate any project that comes my way. Studio B (in South Park) is a lot smaller. I do not have a live room, but it is equipped with a vocal booth. This sends a lot of smaller vocal projects to this location. Both studios basically offer the same services: audio recording/mixing/mastering, voiceover, and beat composition.

after seeing you at work in the studio, it became obvious that a huge part of what you do is collaborate. how important is having a good rapport with your clients to help in this collaboration?

My take on this, very important. I have always felt my job was to do more then provide good sonic quality. My job is to help whoever I am working with to put out the best version of their music possible. If I hear something in the lyrics, music or songwriting that I think may improve the song, I will throw it out there. Most of the clients I work with are down to try different variations. If it doesn’t work out, at least we know we have the best possible take.

do you have any upcoming projects or releases that you’re excited about and can tell us about?

I am pretty excited about the songs I am putting out with StylesStinch ( It seems like each tune we put out is better than the one before. They use a lot of instrumentals that I created specifically for them. It’s cool to hear the direction they take lyrically over music I have written. I am in the process of mixing a cool full-length for Guy Felos as well. He also had me handle all the beat production and synth sounds. Then he played guitar and sang over what I wrote. It’s also a unique project vocally, as he sings the entire album in Hebrew!

having seen your business start to flourish, i’m excited to see where it goes in the future. what sort of long term goals do you have for your business?

Well, thank you! My long term goals are simple. I want to get as many talented individuals in here as possible. I feel grateful for the opportunity to do this as a living, and just want to keep it going. As long as things keep moving forward, and quality music is coming out of my studio, I am a happy man.

5 little-known facts about you?

  1. This always surprises people, and those that know me know this, but right after high school I joined the military, which I credit greatly for my work ethic.
  2. Back in my early years, I was huge into fitness and athletics. I was not always as scrawny as I am now.
  3. I may live in San Diego, but it sure is not for the beaches. I get bored by the beach when I’m there for long periods of time, and am not at all excited about being in water. Weird I know, but just how it is.
  4. One of my brothers (who is just about done getting his doctorate in physics) is going to invent the teleporter. I made him promise me he would.
  5. I am addicted to peanut butter. I eat way too much of it.

A big thanks to Bryan for giving us a peek into not only his professional life, but his personal side too!

Check out DFAB Studio’s website for more info, including rates and contact info:

Bryan’s DJ site has more about his own

DFAB Studio showcase:

Licensing for


At work in Studio A


Studio A photo tour


Studio B photo tour


DFAB spins!


Thanks again to Bryan for opening his doors to us! Be sure to check out the DFAB Studio website and DFAB music website for fresh music!

Do you know a creative soul/business owner in San Diego/OC/LA County that would like to be featured? Contact me! There are still spots left in 2012!




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