A Tibetan twist in India

Dharamsala was nothing like I expected. I didn’t expect a quiet town full of Tibetan monks wandering down the streets and chanting through lush gardens, but I did expect a charming hill town with a meditative energy to it that would make me love nature even more. What I got instead was a bustling hill town with kiosks targeting tourists at every corner and drivers that – judging by the honking and near misses of people, cars, and cows – learned to drive in Delhi. I didn’t find the relaxing village I had hoped for, but my hotel room did serve as a small oasis with unbelievable views that I could’ve easily stared at for a few more days.




~My fabulous hotel stay :)~

~Views from my balcony~

the donkeys came by every morning around 5am 🙂

~McLeod Ganj Main Temple (of His Holiness the Dalai Lama)~

(no photos were permitted inside the actual temple space)

~A stroll through town~


One thought on “A Tibetan twist in India

  1. You really gave a great sense of this town through your photos (I love photo-storytelling ,as you probably guess). I like how the photos don’t look like the typical tourist view of India… cows, markets etc. I assume you’re making your way to your sister’s family and will get to see them soon !

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