Between an ocean and a mountain

I have this need to camp at least once a year… ideally twice or more. This year so far, I’ve gone twice. The first time I nearly lost my toes because of unexpected snowfall in parts of Joshua Tree (brrr!). The second trip was this past weekend, and it was amazing!

Point Mugu is just north of Malibu, before reaching Oxnard. Your campsite is your own private strip of beach, with the Pacific on one end and gorgeous mountains on the other. To top off a wonderful weekend, there was an amazing meteor shower on Saturday night! I saw about a dozen shooting stars, some with long bright tails… then I dozed off in a tent w/ a screen top, allowing full night sky view. Loved it!

This stretch of beach is not only great for camping weekends, but can be great for a day trip too. There’s parking along the roads for free, and you can enjoy the beaches right alongside the campers! What a great location for some family photos! Want to find out more about this postcard setting tucked into the coast? Find more info HERE!


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4 thoughts on “Between an ocean and a mountain

  1. Looks peaceful. I camp only if someone else sets up the tent for me 🙂 But this reminds me of last time I was here several years ago, hiking with a girlfriend, and she took home a stray cat and named him Mr. Mugu (or maybe Magoo… but you get the idea). Like the new look of your blog!

    • Ha! love the cat’s name!
      Camping can be a lot of work with all the setup and cooking, but it’s nice having no schedule 🙂

      Thanks for the compliment! The site’s still a work in progress as I make it more of a website, less of a blog. But this look fits me a lot better!

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