Murphy Ranch – not so nazi anymore…

California’s got lots of weird things. Weird people, weird places, weird foods, weird habits… and I tend to love it all šŸ™‚

When I heard that there was a nazi compound in LA, though, I just had to check it out! It was destiny, really, that convinced me to plan the day trip. One friend mentioned Murphy Ranch in passing, and talked about how we should go one day to explore. A couple of weeks later, another friend randomly emails me and tells me he found out there was this crazy run down nazi compound in LA. Coincidence? Nope.

I won’t get into the details of the backstory of why there’s a nazi compound in a canyon on the outskirts of Los Angeles… I would probably mess up the history and tell you something nowhere near the truth! Instead, take a look at THIS article to learn about the site’s history.

We started out taking what we thought was the main access trail to get to the compound, which is now part of the Will Rogers State Reserve. The trail was beautiful, and we were digging it… until we got to the creek, and the trail disappeared. After a while of climbing all over the edges of a running creek and managing to thoroughly soak my feet, we all decided to head back and figure out another way to get to the compound. There just had to be another way!

Once back at the parking lot, we come to find out that the other half of our group is at the other entry point to the trail. We meet up with them and start descending the seemingly endless stairs into the canyon. The views were gorgeous, the heat was intense, but the descent was worthwhile. We found a building that was covered in super bright graffiti, the remains of a steel-frame building that was all torn down and rusted out, and an old barn that gave everyone the creeps. Well worth it!

After getting our fill of tall grasses and old rundown buildings, we started the hellish climb back up to the paved road. 521 steps later (yes, one of us counted!), we reach the paved road and begin our downhill walk back to the cars.

All in all an awesome exploration! Well worth the trek, but be prepared for a crazy step workout at the end!




4 thoughts on “Murphy Ranch – not so nazi anymore…

  1. wow, I’ve been on this trail/Sullivan Ridge but never made this turn off. Will definitely have to check this out (when it’s cooler !) Hope you have a great wkend.

      • Natalia — gosh, I’ve been busy with non-art/blog related stuff that I haven’t even visited my blog or my favorite ones in a few wks! So much catching up to do. Thanks so much for the offer. I will take you up on it if we can’t figure it out. I’ll probably wait till Oct to hike… yes, it’s been so hot here. PS–your new site looks fantastic

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