Corners of Delhi

Delhi (and all of India, really) is overload central for all your senses. You go down a street or through a market, and you just don’t know where to look first! So once you’ve taken in the Streets of Delhi, and then walked through a couple of the Markets of Delhi, maybe you should take a few moments to look at the details. Often, it’s the overlooked corners of a city that hold its quiet beauty.



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5 thoughts on “Corners of Delhi

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  2. Yes, Delhi is one of those few places that you have to experience to believe. I was there for first time two years ago. It’s fun to see how our images are sort of the same, but mostly different from one another (this makes no sense, does it ? 🙂

    • Actually, that totally makes sense! But maybe that’s because I’ve been there so I can see how it would make sense. haha. India’s pretty complex and tough to capture… I still think most photos (mine or otherwise) can’t come close to showing what it’s like to actually be there.

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