When I was 17, I picked up a vintage Mamiya camera that my parents had handed down to me before taking off on a family vacation. I haven’t put cameras down since then, and I still have that Mamiya camera (it will be passed down someday!).

Since that family vacation, life has taken me down many roads. I studied architecture, which allowed me to spend countless hours in amazing art facilities, travel extensively with a supportive creative group, and nurture all my wacky design ideas. After graduating, I worked in architecture for several years before taking a 5-month sabbatical to India, where I taught Spanish to young school children from all over the globe. It was a complete departure from anything I’d ever done… and I loved it! Once I came back to reality and daily life, I landed in graphic arts. I am still doing that during the day, and it’s taught me new skills that I otherwise would never have learned. In early 2010, I decided that I needed to return to photography. It was calling my name, and I wouldn’t be happy unless I made it a larger part of my life.

Full Circle Images was born.

What is Full Circle Images? It started as a shop on Etsy, selling fine art prints that have been collected through the years. In late 2010, services were expanded to offer sessions within Southern California.

Currently, Full Circle Images offers photographic sessions for portraits, lifestyle, commercial, event and fashion needs in the Southern California region. My Etsy shop is also still going strong, and is now also sprinkled with vintage items and photo accessories.

I love hearing feedback and meeting new people, so please contact me!

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