Bathing in sunlight and chandeliers

I don’t normally share too many photos from my property shoots, but I recently got to shoot a historic property in the La Jolla area and was mesmerized by the space! I thought that the first two floors were amazing enough, but when I went to photograph the top floor a few days ago, I was in LOVE. The bathroom alone was bathed in light with its freshly painted white walls, floor, and ceiling. You just don’t find homes like these anymore, and I’m so glad that the ones that are still standing are being preserved.
This has got to be my favorite property shoot by far. The space was incredible, and I’m extremely proud of how the images turned out.





A leaning tower of pizzas

I love working with local small businesses. If that happens to involve getting to eat free food, I love it even more! This weekend I got to document an in-home cooking class by a local chef, Elba. While she specializes in sweets, she’s also part of one of those families that has loads of recipes passed down through generations. A few of those recipes happen to be amazing pizzas made from scratch, and she’s now showing people how they can make them too!

Elba runs a very small operation, so if you’re interested in learning more, you can email her at for more information. You’ll be happy you did!

Before you email her, though, take a look at these photos. I apologize ahead of time for making you so hungry 😉



Today, just be you.

Ready, Set… Fall!


Hello, September! Kids are going back to school, days are getting a little shorter, and the air is feeling a little cooler. Fall is a-comin’!  It is a wonderful time to get out and shoot, but where do you start? Since Fall is my favorite season by far, I wanted to pass along some ideas of what to photograph.











1. First, the obvious. Fall foliage! When you see those bright fall colors, keep in mind the time of day. It’s best to photograph foliage in the early morning or late afternoon, when the sunlight is soft and golden. The colors will be brighter, the shadows will be softer, and you’ll capture the real feeling of fall time.


2. Look at details! Maybe it’s a corner of the fringe on your favorite scarf, or the texture of that bright orange leaf, or the steam coming off a hot cup of cocoa… whatever you choose to focus on, be sure to get close and personal! Showing off details of an object show things like texture and color, so you get to “feel” that object. So don’t be afraid to zoom in!


3. Fall is all about f-o-o-d! Check out your local farmers’ market for all the brightly colored fruits and veggies on display. Are farmers’ markets not your thing? Look for a local pumpkin patch or apple field and spend some time walking the grounds! You’ll see kids picking out pumpkins, baskets full of apples, and lots of details to capture.(Local tip: Julian is famous for apples, and September is the perfect time for apple-picking! Find info HERE)


4. Tired of the same ol’ views? Go explore! Go for a day trip to someplace new and you never know what fall sights you’ll find.

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