Your Session

You’ve booked a session with me. Great! Now what?


Here’s what you can do to prep for your session!

*Think about what type of photos you want. Are there photos you’ve seen and you really connected with? I am always available to discuss your needs. You can email links or images to me for inspiration, or call me and let me know your thoughts.

*The day before the session, get rest! I like my sessions to be engaging. We’ll talk, laugh, play, and be a little goofy. We all need to have our energy!

*Think about your outfit. I don’t recommend anything too “matchy-matchy”, but you want to all be coordinated. Consider the location, and what other in the photos will be wearing. Above all else, dress comfortably! If you’re uncomfortable, that will definitely show through in your photos.

*Consider the weather forecast and location. If we’re near the ocean, bring along a light jacket in case of cool breezes. If we’re going to the desert, consider an extra top in case it’s very hot. When in doubt, bring along an extra outfit!


Here’s how you can prep your space for photos!

*Clean clean clean! A little bit of clutter goes a long way in photos. Be sure to clear all countertops, clean floors, be able to close all closet doors, and wipe down all shiny surfaces.

*The first thing I will ask you to do is to open all curtains/blinds and turn on all possible lights. Please be sure that lights are plugged in and functioning, and that you can reach all windows for opening curtains/blinds. Every bit of light makes a difference in photos!

*Especially for outdoor spaces, a dining table looks great with an attractive centerpiece or placemats. The more inviting a space looks, the more appealing it will be to potential buyers!

*Consider getting some fresh flowers for countertops, dining tables, or bedside tables.


Here’s how to prep your place of business for our session!

*Just like you would clean a house, make sure your display areas are picture-perfect. Dust shelves, line-up products, wipe any shiny surfaces, and try to hide all price tags.

*Unless you want them in the photos, be sure that the back-of-house areas are not visible from the public area. Spaces like a break room or back offices are not normally needed in a photo package, and often are more cluttered. Be sure to close doors to these areas so your storefront area looks clean and spacious!

*If you’re going to have employees in your photos, be sure to let them know ahead of time. This way, they can be sure to come to work photo-ready!